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Breathtaking Organic Balloon Arches

I have a confession, the phrase balloon arch never really excited me...until now!  In my mind it makes me think of the old school dance arches and balloon backdrop decor.

Today, balloon arches are simply breathtaking.  They are on the same caliber as a fresh floral arch in my opinion.  The balloon arches I'm swooning over are specifically known as organic balloon arches.  Unlike the traditional form of balloon arches, with uniform balloon sizes and shape, the organic balloon arches have various sizes of balloons and extra elements added.  Take a look at the unique ways organic balloon arches are giving that wow factor every event planner, or party hostess, is striving to achieve.

Ice Cream Cart Dessert Station flanked with an organic balloon arch

In addition the the various balloon sizes creating an organic look, the frame of the arch is organic as it isn't uniform.  In the ice cream cart picture, the arch is in front of the cart, behind the cart, and on top of the cart.  While the ice cream cart was a cute touch for a dessert table, the balloons are the sprinkles on top! Sprinkles are always the best part!!!!!

Just when you think it can't get any better, someone starts adding greenery and floral elements to the arch.  EEEK!!!!  Even the simplest of tables, like the ones below,  are transformed into a dramatic focal point of a party.

Floral elements to an organic balloon arch

Safari Theme Party
Pretty In Pink Party

Some people may be wondering, if these arches are reserved only for a girly party.  Guurrllll, some of the boy theme parties were just as jaw dropping.  This adorable hot air balloon baby boy shower is so dreamy.  The organic balloon arch brings the table to life the table with the effect of clouds.

Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower

A staple for any boy party is a Super Hero Party at least once in their life.  Imagine a super hero birthday party, with Spiderman, which is a balloon, greeting your guests at the door upon this awesome arch.

Spiderman Super Hero Party

Out Of This World Space Party

The possibilities are endless with the organic approach to balloon arches.  It is my newest obsession and I try to incorporate it into every party in some way.  Have you tried making one yet?  I'd love to see your creations.  Comment below!

A Relaxation Celebration

The everyday life of a little girl can be very "stressful" between coloring, playdates, and sports activities. Lighten your daughters load and make her feel like the glamorous girl she is with a day at  spa. Better yet treat her friends as well, make a pampering party of it.


(photo courtesy of Birthday Party Ideas)
These nail polishes would be great invitations or thank you notes. Use your child's initials for the letters and her age for the "Perfect 10" piece of the invite.   You can make so many different varieties by using scrapbook paper in all colors and textures.

Another absolutely adorable invite that will get your guests in the mood is a face mask. You can make adjustments to the wording to personalize it for your birthday girl.


(photo courtesy of Bliss Images and Beyond)
Tiny little sandwiches will make the guests feel dainty and delicate while munching on something they all love, peanut butter and jelly is recommended.


Decorate each place setting with the items they will need for their pampering.  As a centerpiece use lovely flowers or candles to create a calm and serene atmosphere.

(photo courtesy of Catch My Party)
An easy and quick way to decorate all the chairs are with bright towels and a festive ribbon.  These could double as party favors for the guest too.


Everyone's  toes must be out at this party so those feet can get some pampering.  Spice up some cheap flip flops with a glue gun and cute embellishments like  flowers, jewels, or even pieces of towel cut to fit on the straps. These are sure to be new favorite accessory long after the party.

(photo courtesy of Soap Dispenser)
These cute little sundae favors include soaps, pumice, and a loofah.  


Facials, Manis, Pedis oh my!  This little retreat may make even the moms a little jealous.  If you don't have enough adult volunteers to act as spa employees, just allow the girls to do the mani/pedi on each other.  While they let their toes dry, the girls can do their own facials..Just watch the toes!!

(photo courtesy of Pear Tree Greetings)

A simple chocolate facial would be chocolate syrup poured into little cute containers.  To add the exfoliating factor, just add some sugar.  The chocolate facial, paired with two cucumbers, will revitalize the faces of these beauties.

Vendor Credit

Face Mask invite: Chickabug

Towel Flip Flops:  Hostess With The Mostess

Spa Cookies:  The Celebration Shoppe

Yo Gabba Gabba! Birthday Party

Create your very own Gabba Land complete with all your child's favorite characters for his or her birthday. Yo Gabba Gabba is a show with a consistently expanding audience and chances are your child has seen an episode or two.

These would be great to throw in the goody bags and are super simple to make. You may need a touch of artistic talent for some but you can always stick to the simpler characters like Muno, Foofa, or even Brobee.

(photo courtesy of The Spohrs are Multiplying)
This is a great wreath because it provides guests will all the colorful aspects of Yo Gabba Gabba and it will take two minutes to make. The best part is you don't even have to blow up the balloons.

No one will go thirsty with these Muno drinks. One bag of googly eyes and a Sharpie will transform a simple juice into something memorable.

(photo courtesy of Coolest Kid Birthday Parties)
Entertain the kids with a great Brobee beanbag toss tournament. If you have time for another project making this board will definitely be worth it.

(photo courtesy of Hostess With the Mostess)
Another great party game is a simple Pin the Eye on Muno. It takes a classic game and gives it that Gabba flare that will really draw everyone in. 

(photo courtesy of Secret Stoves)
How great is this cake??? So colorful and delicious while still including all the characters your child adores. 

(photo courtesy of The Peanuts Gang)
Don't forget to decorate! Spice up ordinary balloons with paper cutouts to bring all the characters to life.

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas

Many little girls love frilly, cute, and pink. Something that has all of those qualities is Hello Kitty. She has been such an icon over the years and across the world to young girls as well as adults. She shows young women that they don't always need to cake on the makeup and wear expensive clothes and jewelry, that just a simple pink bow can be all you need to look and feel like a million bucks.

(photo courtesy of 100 Layer Cake)
The classic and timeless elements of the most popular cat worldwide are clearly demonstrated here. These cookies could be easily made at home with the right cookie cutter and a little embellishment with the frosting.

How much easier could these party invites get??? All the materials needed can be found strewn throughout the house and they will be the quickest hand-made invitations you will ever send out but they still make an impacting statement.

(photo courtesy of Celebrations at Home)
Pink, pink, pink, pink, pink! Your party area will be dripping in pink for this birthday bash and all the girls will love it. Tablecloths, plates, napkins, cups, balloons...EVERYTHING...will be some shade of pink!

(photo courtesy of Crafty Momma)
Something really cute to give all the girls are these Hello Kitty headbands. You can even make them yourself with a little fabric. Great for the goody bags or to hand the girls as they walk in the door and join the party. 

(photo courtesy of Hostess With the Mostess)
This project is for the craftier party planner but it is definitely worth the effort. If you still want this at your party but don't think you can handle it, talk to your local florist and try to work something out.

(photo courtesy of Hostess With the Mostess)
This may look like regular strawberry milk, and it is, but by presenting it in these glass jars and adding the small embellishment to the straws this classic drink is kicked up a notch. Just another example that presentation can make an ordinary aspect of any party so much better.