Nerf War Party!

Get ready, Aim, Fire! Nerf Wars are a hit for kids' birthday parties. Here's some inspiration on how to throw your own. 


 You can customize your invites and let your guests know that this will be a Nerf Wars Party and to bring their favorite nerf gun. Or you can provide Nerf guns for guests! 

War Zone:

You can hand paint cardboard boxes in camo colors as barricades for kids to hide behind. Painting the kids faces in camo is also a fun way to add to the theme.


In order to keep with the Nerf theme, create a snack table that's in the same color scheme: camo colors and oranges, yellows and reds. Use green and brown icing on the cupcakes, pepperoni pizza is now "bull's eye" pizza, and snacks in the color scheme include: cheetos, pineapples, popcorn, carrots and goldfish. 

Nerf Juice is actually just Sunkist or Fanta. There's plenty of ways to incorporate the theme with a cake as well. You can do a green and black camo cake or use bright orange and cover your cake with targets and darts.

Party Favors:

Dog tags and grenades are an awesome party favor for guests to take home after a Nerf War Party!

For an awesome party favor, give each guest a bag filled with their own Nerf gun, Nerf darts, sunglasses for eye protection, a bandana, a water pouch and a belt for darts!


 Spread "ammunition" throughout the party area for guests to always be able to reload. You can also create a target practice area by setting up pop cans for kids to shoot at. 

If you have room in your backyard you can set up a game of capture the flag. Place a bright flag somewhere that's challenging to get to and split the kids into two teams. Someone has to obtain the flag without being hit by the other team with a dart. You can create barriers for kids to hide behind using boxes, paint and tarp and any other creative items found in your garage. 

 Giggle Bean specializes in children's birthday parties, events and showers of all kinds in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia. 


Nerf Juice: Busy Miss B
Camo Boxes: Midwest Moma
Camo Barricades:
Party Favors: Catch My Party
Colorful Snacks:
Game Pictures:


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