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Nerf War Party!

Get ready, Aim, Fire! Nerf Wars are a hit for kids' birthday parties. Here's some inspiration on how to throw your own. 


 You can customize your invites and let your guests know that this will be a Nerf Wars Party and to bring their favorite nerf gun. Or you can provide Nerf guns for guests! 

War Zone:

You can hand paint cardboard boxes in camo colors as barricades for kids to hide behind. Painting the kids faces in camo is also a fun way to add to the theme.


In order to keep with the Nerf theme, create a snack table that's in the same color scheme: camo colors and oranges, yellows and reds. Use green and brown icing on the cupcakes, pepperoni pizza is now "bull's eye" pizza, and snacks in the color scheme include: cheetos, pineapples, popcorn, carrots and goldfish. 

Nerf Juice is actually just Sunkist or Fanta. There's plenty of ways to incorporate the theme with a cake as well. You can do a green and black camo cake or use bright orange and cover your cake with targets and darts.

Party Favors:

Dog tags and grenades are an awesome party favor for guests to take home after a Nerf War Party!

For an awesome party favor, give each guest a bag filled with their own Nerf gun, Nerf darts, sunglasses for eye protection, a bandana, a water pouch and a belt for darts!


 Spread "ammunition" throughout the party area for guests to always be able to reload. You can also create a target practice area by setting up pop cans for kids to shoot at. 

If you have room in your backyard you can set up a game of capture the flag. Place a bright flag somewhere that's challenging to get to and split the kids into two teams. Someone has to obtain the flag without being hit by the other team with a dart. You can create barriers for kids to hide behind using boxes, paint and tarp and any other creative items found in your garage. 

 Giggle Bean specializes in children's birthday parties, events and showers of all kinds in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia. 


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A Dinosar Party that RAWWRRS!!

Many kids at one point or another get dino-fever and become completely obsessed with these extinct animals. They love learning about all the different sizes and shapes that dinosaurs are found in along with their diets and habitats. Throw a birthday bash fit for an archaeologist with these tips.

If your planning on throwing a party with few guests you can make a personal habitat for each of them by using some dino-shaped chicken nuggets, a pretzel stick, and some baby spinach.

(photo courtesy of Catch My Party)
Dress each seat with a custom dinosaur tail if you are familiar with a sewing machine. This model is also great because the strap allows the guests to take the tail off their chair and wear it as a belt around the house.

(photo courtesy of My Little Party Blog)
This cake is great because it  doesn't have to be perfect. You can be sloppy when icing it because it's meant to look dirty and muddy. A dinosaur figure can be added to the top and you can even throw in some tree figurines.

(photo courtesy of Make and Takes)
This would be great for invitations or thank you cards.If you're using them as "Thank You"s you could even have a picture of the party goer's in the dinosaurs place to add a personal touch. Very creative and interactive.

(photo courtesy of Spaceships and Laser Beams)
It wouldn't be a bad idea to incorporate some fruit and vegetables onto the food table and this provides a perfect way to do that.

(photo courtesy of Hostess With the Mostess)
Lead the guests to the party with these colorful footprints that show where all the fun will be.

(photo courtesy of Catch My Party)
Make mini volcanoes by decorating donut-holes with some orange or red frosting. Also shown in this photo are sugar cookies with fossil footprints that you can create as well.

The Building Blocks To A Great Party!

Deciding on a theme for a boy's birthday party can be difficult, especially if he doesn't have a favorite superhero that you haven't used before as a party theme. But something that every little boy I've ever known has come to love is building and destroying things with Lego's.

Sweets and Treats

An awesome idea for a perfect Lego cake is surprisingly easy to make. A plain rectangle or square base for the cake with cupcakes flipped upside-down (and unwrapped of course) make the ideal Lego when coated in a smooth layer of frosting. Photo courtesy of Betty Crocker. 

The go to party food that everybody loves is pizza and, believe it or not, you can even make that Lego-like. This picture shows how you can use round fondant cut-outs to cut smaller circles of pepperoni to adorn the pizza rectangles but I've seen a similar shaped and sized pepperoni pieces sold in stores by the  lunch meats. Photo courtesy of Ewehoo.

A great, colorful, and delicious addition to the dessert table could be these Lego brownies. Bright icing adds the color and strategically placed M&Ms, or even Skittles, will make the party guests want to build a tower with these chocolate treats. Photo courtesy of Rindy Mae. 

Before and After the Party

An extremely original invitation to the Lego birthday could be made of the blocks themselves. A silver Sharpie makes the lettering pop and if your worried about the Legos separating, a little dab of glue can go a long way. Photo courtesy of Small Types.

If you were thinking of an invite that is a little more envelope-friendly, these also have a great Lego effect. You could print off the invitation and attach it to colorful card stock and use smaller card stock circles to make the invites pop. Photo courtesy of Divis-licious.

The same technique of card stock circles can also be applied to the goody bags. The colorful plain bags can be found at most stores where you normally can buy party items. Photo courtesy of Crunchy Catholic Momma. 


A simple blob of Legos can encourage the perfect party game. The "Lego bomb" travels the hands of the guests, sitting in a circle, while music plays. When the music stops whoever is holding the bomb is 'out'. Much like musical chairs, this game is always a hit. Photo courtesy of Jon Dundas, game idea courtesy of A Mom With a Lesson Plan. 

Each guest takes a turn guessing how many Lego pieces to win a special prize. This is extra difficult to guess because the pieces come in all different shapes and sizes. Photo courtesy of School Counselor.

What would a Lego party be without a building station? The kids can build different versions of a car, plane, robot, or anything else and then play together or build whatever comes to mind. It's a good way to keep them entertained during the down time. Photo courtesy of Soak It All In.