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Breathtaking Organic Balloon Arches

I have a confession, the phrase balloon arch never really excited me...until now!  In my mind it makes me think of the old school dance arches and balloon backdrop decor.

Today, balloon arches are simply breathtaking.  They are on the same caliber as a fresh floral arch in my opinion.  The balloon arches I'm swooning over are specifically known as organic balloon arches.  Unlike the traditional form of balloon arches, with uniform balloon sizes and shape, the organic balloon arches have various sizes of balloons and extra elements added.  Take a look at the unique ways organic balloon arches are giving that wow factor every event planner, or party hostess, is striving to achieve.

Ice Cream Cart Dessert Station flanked with an organic balloon arch

In addition the the various balloon sizes creating an organic look, the frame of the arch is organic as it isn't uniform.  In the ice cream cart picture, the arch is in front of the cart, behind the cart, and on top of the cart.  While the ice cream cart was a cute touch for a dessert table, the balloons are the sprinkles on top! Sprinkles are always the best part!!!!!

Just when you think it can't get any better, someone starts adding greenery and floral elements to the arch.  EEEK!!!!  Even the simplest of tables, like the ones below,  are transformed into a dramatic focal point of a party.

Floral elements to an organic balloon arch

Safari Theme Party
Pretty In Pink Party

Some people may be wondering, if these arches are reserved only for a girly party.  Guurrllll, some of the boy theme parties were just as jaw dropping.  This adorable hot air balloon baby boy shower is so dreamy.  The organic balloon arch brings the table to life the table with the effect of clouds.

Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower

A staple for any boy party is a Super Hero Party at least once in their life.  Imagine a super hero birthday party, with Spiderman, which is a balloon, greeting your guests at the door upon this awesome arch.

Spiderman Super Hero Party

Out Of This World Space Party

The possibilities are endless with the organic approach to balloon arches.  It is my newest obsession and I try to incorporate it into every party in some way.  Have you tried making one yet?  I'd love to see your creations.  Comment below!

Nautical Themed Baby Shower

Ships Ahoy! Create you own little sailor baby shower by throwing a nautical themed party complete with anchors, sails and down-by-the-sea entertainment. 

Get the guests in a sailing mood by creating the ultimate nautical experience. Line the party tables with fishing net and sailboats. Finish each table off with an assortment of starfish and sea shells. 

A creative way to fold silverware is by wrapping a blue napkin with brown rope and tying a life saver piece of candy to each set. Small details make your theme really come to life. 

Snack bars are a fresh twist on how to serve guests and you can really incorporate the nautical theme with a little imagination and the right snacks. Twizzlers can become nautical ropes, powdered donuts can become life preservers and chocolate chip cookies are now Ships Ahoy! Cookies. 

A life preserver wreath can easily be made for your nautical baby shower with foam and either ribbon or cloth. 

Get guests involved with party games! See how skilled each sailor is by timing a diaper changing challenge. Each person has to see how quickly they can change a diaper on a baby doll while blindfolded. 

These decorations can also be used after the shower as decor for a nautical themed nursery.  What a wonderful way to have mementos from the shower in the baby's room to remind you of the special celebration. One especially cute piece that serves this dual purpose is the subway art.  It would be great on a shelf with a group of boats or lanterns.  It could also be displayed at artwork on the wall Click here to get a free download of our two nautical subway art designs.   

Want a Nautical Baby Shower? Contact Giggle Bean today. Giggle Bean specializes in children's birthday parties, events and showers of all kinds in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia.

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