My Little Pony Party

What better way to show your little girl how amazing her birthday is than with a My Little Pony Party! Bring out all of the pink, rainbows, clouds, sparkles and magic you can find :)

Party Decorations

Create a whimsical party setting with rainbow and cloud balloons throughout the party area.

Rainbow-colored table center pieces will make your party tables pop.

Create your own party snack table with bright colors, various balloons, a My Little Pony backdrop and a bouquet of bright flowers in the center.

Each of your guest tables can have a color/pony theme. For example: If one table is blue, then the pony that represents that table would be Rainbow Dash. The decorations for that table are blue with the rainbow lightening bolt and cloud monogram. 
If the guest table is the yellow table then the pony mascot for that table is Fluttershy. This pony is yellow and all of the decorations should be bright and may include a bouquet of yellow daisies. 

Another easy idea for a My Little Pony centerpiece, is one you can easily make yourself. The $1 section at Target has colorful, plastic Chinese food-style boxes that can be your base. Fill the box with streamers and something heavy to hold boxes to table. Print out large cut outs of ponies and possibly the age of your child to glue to colorful sticks that pop out of the box centerpieces. 

Party Food: 

Mott's Apple Juice is now Sweet Apple Acres Apple Juice!

Here are two examples of cake ideas for your party! You can add ponies to the top of your cake or do a simple rainbow design.

Colorful treats are best for your party food table. Fill cups with bright fruits like raspberries, mandarin orange slices and kiwi slices. Surround the cups with rainbow marshmallows to make the table pop.

Label a bowl of skittles "Pony Vitamins."

Every aspect of your My Little Pony Party should be bright, colorful and most of all sweet. A creative spin on caramel apples is to dip them in various colors of icing and then dip the ends in rainbow sprinkles.

Create your own rainbow cupcakes! Use your favorite flavor of cupcake mix and ice the cupcakes a light blue sky color. Create white puffy looking clouds with white icing and use multi-color rainbow sour belts candy as the rainbow atop your cupcake. 

Another cute idea for your party table is to dip pink wafers in white icing and cover in rainbow sprinkles. 



An awesome way to create a game for the kids to get their party tutus is to make a balloon popping game. Make your one brightly colored balloon popper wand out of plastic, ribbon and feathers. Place a different number in each balloon. Each little girl gets to pop one balloon and get her number from inside. Her number corresponds with a color tutu which prevents the kids from fighting over which color tutu they want. The girls get to take home their tutus! 

A My Little Pony themed guessing game! Have guests use their magic to guess how many jellybeans are in a jar. 

Rainbow Dash's Hoof Decorating Parlor! The girls can paint their nails in fun, rainbow colors at a nail polish station.

Face Paint Station! 

Party Favors:

My Little Pony medal necklaces are a fun party favor for guests!

Create rainbow hats for guests out of tule and glue on round pieces of construction paper. Draw on each guest's name with a sparkly paint pen.

Giggle Bean specializes in children's parties, showers and events of all kinds in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia. 


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A Relaxation Celebration

The everyday life of a little girl can be very "stressful" between coloring, playdates, and sports activities. Lighten your daughters load and make her feel like the glamorous girl she is with a day at  spa. Better yet treat her friends as well, make a pampering party of it.


(photo courtesy of Birthday Party Ideas)
These nail polishes would be great invitations or thank you notes. Use your child's initials for the letters and her age for the "Perfect 10" piece of the invite.   You can make so many different varieties by using scrapbook paper in all colors and textures.

Another absolutely adorable invite that will get your guests in the mood is a face mask. You can make adjustments to the wording to personalize it for your birthday girl.


(photo courtesy of Bliss Images and Beyond)
Tiny little sandwiches will make the guests feel dainty and delicate while munching on something they all love, peanut butter and jelly is recommended.


Decorate each place setting with the items they will need for their pampering.  As a centerpiece use lovely flowers or candles to create a calm and serene atmosphere.

(photo courtesy of Catch My Party)
An easy and quick way to decorate all the chairs are with bright towels and a festive ribbon.  These could double as party favors for the guest too.


Everyone's  toes must be out at this party so those feet can get some pampering.  Spice up some cheap flip flops with a glue gun and cute embellishments like  flowers, jewels, or even pieces of towel cut to fit on the straps. These are sure to be new favorite accessory long after the party.

(photo courtesy of Soap Dispenser)
These cute little sundae favors include soaps, pumice, and a loofah.  


Facials, Manis, Pedis oh my!  This little retreat may make even the moms a little jealous.  If you don't have enough adult volunteers to act as spa employees, just allow the girls to do the mani/pedi on each other.  While they let their toes dry, the girls can do their own facials..Just watch the toes!!

(photo courtesy of Pear Tree Greetings)

A simple chocolate facial would be chocolate syrup poured into little cute containers.  To add the exfoliating factor, just add some sugar.  The chocolate facial, paired with two cucumbers, will revitalize the faces of these beauties.

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Pirate Party!

Argghh! Here are some awesome ideas on how to throw a pirate themed party for your little matey!


Invites can be made on traditional paper and include pirate theme ideas or make your invites look like a map! An even more creative idea is to deliver invites in glass bottles to look like treasure maps in a bottle. 


Create tables to look like pirate ships! Each table should have a black tablecloth, white sails and black flags with skulls and cross bones on them. You can use treasure chests filled with plastic jewelry and chocolate gold coins as centerpieces. 

If you're going more the Disney's Hook/Peter Pan route, you can have a cardboard cut out of Tinker Bell locked in a bird's cage for decoration like in the movie. 

Creative door decorations can be made using red, white and black construction paper. 

Pirate ship centerpieces are made from black construction paper and skull cutouts. 

Party Food: 

Incorporate pirate fun into every aspect of your cake to make it look like this one. Include a hook, skull and cross bones, treasure and water. 

For your very own pirate food table include sour gummy worms in a jar labeled Fish Bait. 

Fill a bowl with potato chips and gold fish crackers and label it Fish N Chips.

Chocolate donut holes or grapes can be labeled Cannonballs and blue mondos are now Salty Sea Water drinks.

Create your own pirate's hat cake!

Or for the really talented, make your own treasure map cupcakes!

Assorted fruits are now Pirate's Jewels on your pirate food snack table. Hotdog wienies are now Dead Man's Fingers and pinwheel cheese and meat sandwiches in green tortillas are now Seaweed Wraps. 

Fill a bowl with any candy with a gold wrapper and label it Pirate Loot. 

These are printable cupcake toppers to go on top of your cupcakes! 

A cheese and cracker dish is now Polly's Crackers!


Create your own Hook Toss! Paint a piece of cardboard red and black and glue several hooks to the cardboard. You can use round pool toys with open holes to throw onto the hooks. 

Set up a tattoo parlor for all of the little pirate's coming to the party! Provide various tattoos that stick with the theme like skulls, flowers, crossbones, parrots, ships, water and mermaids. 

Have your guests walk the plank! Lay down blue tarp for the ocean and spray paint cardboard fins silver to make sharks. Spray paint a piece of wood to say "Walk the Plank" and all guests have to see if they can make it across the sea! 

Treasure Hunt! Fill a sand box with the following items or hide them throughout your back yard. 
-5 gold coins
-1 plastic alligator
-1 large jewel
-1 pirate ball
-1 gemstone ring

Whoever finds the most treasure wins!

Party Favors: 

Send home party favor bags filled with candy, eye patches, cold coins and polly's crackers. These perfect tags for the party favor bags say, "Thanks for the treasure! For it was a pleasure!" 

Set up a table full of eye patches so that all of the guests can be pirates. Another possibility is a table full of pirates' hats as well. 

An awesome way to send guests home in a fun way is to create your own Pirate Booty bags with your child's name on them. Fill with candy for the kids! 

Giggle Bean specializes in children's parties, showers and events of all kinds in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia.

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