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Monster High Birthday Party!

Have an October birthday girl? Or does she just love the Monster High characters? Either way, we have some awesome ideas to throw your own fabulously freaky Monster High party!


You can create fancy chair covers with zebra table runner cut in half for each chair. Adorn each runner with a black and pink boa and print out Monster High skull logos to pin to each boa. 

This awesome sign should hang from your front door to let guests know where the Monster High fun is taking place!

Stick with the black and pink theme for tables and decorations. You can create your own puff balls with black and pink tissue paper and secure to the ceiling. 

Personalize your own birthday signs with your child's name!

Party Food: 

Create the perfect Monster High cakes with your own dolls. Create the dress with cake and icing!

Or create a cake using the colors and zebra pattern and the logo at the top.

Fill a dish with Hershey's kisses in colorful wrappers and label them Cupid's Kisses!

Make your own cupcakes and use Monster High character logos for the tops.

Fill a glass with bright blue kool-aid and label it Lagoona Blue Sea Water

Regular taco salad can be Toralei's Taco Salad for your party.

Dirt pudding made out of chocolate pudding, Oreos and gummy worms are Frankie's Fun Pudding for your guests.

Wrap utensils in colorful napkins and use Halloween plastic vampire teeth to hold the napkins together. 

Party Fun:

Customize your party favors with your daughter's name and age on the label of a body spray and then name the spray, "Cotton Candy Monster Mist"or "Spectra's Spectacular Spray" to keep with the theme. 

Create student ID cards for each guest. Each guest will have her own Monster High character on her card and her name personalized on it as well!

Set up a Claw Painting station for your little monsters and set out plenty of nail files, polish colors and decorating tools.

Use black cardboard coffin shaped boxes to pass out candy or other party favors in. Wrap the boxes in colorful ribbon and adorn with the Monster High logo. 

Create your very own Monster High case like the dolls come in! Each guest can dress up as her favorite and take a polaroid of her in the case for her to take home. 


Here are two examples of ways to send out your own invites to your ghoul-tastic Monster High Party!

Giggle Bean specializes in children's parties, showers and events of all kinds in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia. 


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