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Barn Yard Bash!

If you can't go to the farm, bring the farm to you with a Barn Yard Birthday Bash!


Party Food: 

Amazing Party Cakes!

Corn on the cob cupcakes!
Place three cupcakes in green cupcake cups side by side with yellow icing on top. Use yellow and white jelly beans as the corn and place a yellow starburst on top as the butter. Put two corn on the cob holders on either side of the cupcakes for more detail.

Tractor Cupcakes!

Chex Mix can be transformed into Chicken Feed.

Pigs in a blanket is a fun snack for a Barn Yard theme.

Buy cow print plates and napkins. Mini hay bales are cute table centerpieces. Add a sign with a pig that says, "Pig Out" and glue to stick placed in hay bales for your Barn Yard snack table.

Rice crispie treats are now hay bales for your farm style party.

A cute idea for utensils is to label forks "pitchforks" and spoons "shovels."

Barn Yard Party Games: 

You can create a bean bag toss with any type of barn yard animal to stick with your theme. Pictured here is a Feed The Pig bean bag toss. 

There are so many variations of Pin the Tail on the Donkey for kid's parties, but with this theme you can use the original one!

Party Favors:

Printable barns you can fill with candy for guests.

Cow Tales candy is a cute way to says thanks for coming and show off your barn yard creativity.

Giggle Bean specializes in children's parties, showers and events of all kinds in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia.

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Nerf War Party!

Get ready, Aim, Fire! Nerf Wars are a hit for kids' birthday parties. Here's some inspiration on how to throw your own. 


 You can customize your invites and let your guests know that this will be a Nerf Wars Party and to bring their favorite nerf gun. Or you can provide Nerf guns for guests! 

War Zone:

You can hand paint cardboard boxes in camo colors as barricades for kids to hide behind. Painting the kids faces in camo is also a fun way to add to the theme.


In order to keep with the Nerf theme, create a snack table that's in the same color scheme: camo colors and oranges, yellows and reds. Use green and brown icing on the cupcakes, pepperoni pizza is now "bull's eye" pizza, and snacks in the color scheme include: cheetos, pineapples, popcorn, carrots and goldfish. 

Nerf Juice is actually just Sunkist or Fanta. There's plenty of ways to incorporate the theme with a cake as well. You can do a green and black camo cake or use bright orange and cover your cake with targets and darts.

Party Favors:

Dog tags and grenades are an awesome party favor for guests to take home after a Nerf War Party!

For an awesome party favor, give each guest a bag filled with their own Nerf gun, Nerf darts, sunglasses for eye protection, a bandana, a water pouch and a belt for darts!


 Spread "ammunition" throughout the party area for guests to always be able to reload. You can also create a target practice area by setting up pop cans for kids to shoot at. 

If you have room in your backyard you can set up a game of capture the flag. Place a bright flag somewhere that's challenging to get to and split the kids into two teams. Someone has to obtain the flag without being hit by the other team with a dart. You can create barriers for kids to hide behind using boxes, paint and tarp and any other creative items found in your garage. 

 Giggle Bean specializes in children's birthday parties, events and showers of all kinds in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia. 


Nerf Juice: Busy Miss B
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Colorful Snacks:
Game Pictures:

Frozen Birthday Party!

The biggest children's movie out right now is Disney's Frozen. Throw a Frozen themed party and transform a winter birthday from freezing to fabulous! 


Cotton balls hung from clear fishing wire will turn any house into a winter wonderland. 

 Tissue poms poms are popular now for bridal showers, baby showers and birthdays. These are a great way to make a Frozen party really pop with icy blue and white snowy colors. 


Create a Frozen snack table to entertain the kids!  A hot chocolate bar is a great idea too. Dip white chocolate covered marshmallows in blue sprinkles to look like ice and pair with hot chocolate.

 White chocolate covered pretzels can become "snow" covered pretzels and carrots are now snowman noses. 

Draw a face a on a cup with an orange nose and tie red fabric around the middle of the cup to create a scarf and fill with popcorn to make snowman popcorn cups.

Ice wands are a really cool way to encompass the movie. Cover pretzel rods in white chocolate and then dip in blue sprinkles! 

Frozen Snow Cap Punch Ingredients:
-Blue Hawaiian Punch
-Lemon Lime Soda
-Vanilla Ice Cream
Decorate clear cups with fabric paint and glitter to create the "ice" look. 


Create a build your own snowman game by putting the kids in teams and encouraging them to build the best snowman with the supplies they have including: toilet paper, felt buttons, hats and scarves.

Another fun game is pin the nose on Olaf, the snowman from Frozen. 

Create Elsa & Sven head wear for your party guests using felt!

Party Favors

Party favors are a fun way to get the kids excited about the theme. Put together the Disney Frozen book with Olaf stickers or frozen themed temporary tattoos then tie together with blue ribbon for simple favors. 



This is a unique party theme and with some creatively cool ideas will turn any birthday into a mystical and magically Frozen fun day!

Want to throw a Frozen Birthday Party?  Contact Giggle Bean today. Giggle Bean specializes in children's birthday parties, events and showers of all kinds in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia.


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