Despicable O' Me Party

Despicable Me has touched so many hearts with its simplistic charm and very memorable minions. This movie has been a huge hit all over the world. Therefore, making it a very popular theme party for children. Here are some essential tips of how to create your own Despicable Me birthday party for your child at any location.

What a perfect welcome sign for a candy bar! To recreate this look, you would need construction paper, minty themed strings/yarn, glue, a hole punch, a pencil, a printable Despicable Me welcome label, and something to support the sign such as a small vase filled with extra candy for refills.

1. Cut your construction paper in a rectangle shape.
2. Print your Despicable Me welcome label and cut it small than the rectangle construction paper to frame it.
3. Glue your welcome label to the construction paper and draw where you are going to hole punch on         your construction paper.
4. Hole punch where you took measurements and insert the minty yarn in the holes to create a bow.
5. Lean your sign to a small vase and Hooray, you did it! Enjoy.

Food & Favors:

Collect several  empty glass vases and fill them up with your child favorite candies. It is a perfect favor for any party guest as their chose what they like. Also, provide your guest with some decorative empty boxes to storage their candy selections.

Collect stripe straws and print some minion valentines cards. Hole Punch on opposite sides of the printable card and insert the straws in the card. What a cute way to drink up your refreshments.


Add some balloons and themed birthday sign to your party location to create a charming and very carefree feel to the atmosphere.


A minion birthday cake such a very appropriate for Despicable Me theme party! Look how fun this cake looks? This cake makes anyone want to be a minion.


Pin the goggles on the min is a fantastic game to entertain your guest! Gather the children around and let them try to pin the goggles on minion by being blindfolded. The first child that is able to successfully place the goggles near the minion eye, that child wins the game.


As said on the invitation, "Assemble the Minions, We are celebrating!" Here is simple but cute birthday invitation for any Despicable Me themed party.

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