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Spice Up Your Valentine's with These

Moms wear an S on their chest too.
Let's make this Valentine's a day to remember.  While I love cards and the sentiments they carry, but the mundane heart-shaped box of chocolates, flowers, dinner out brings no excitement to me.  It might as well be just another day.  If you want this Valentine's Day extra special, then I have the perfect solution.  It gives you the biggest bang for your buck and avoid stores altogether.  They jack up prices around this time too.  You can create this and use it to say I <3 you to all your loves. When I make it, I definitely get ohhhhs and ahhhs.  Super Mom status achieved.

 Supermom.  Super Wife.  Super Tired.  Super Solution.

There is work, making lunches, after school practices, house cleaning and oh yea insert in a holiday that requires some sort of gift or thoughtful gesture.  Today I'm providing you with a simple gift solution that:
  1. is a truly heartfelt expression of your love
  2. is very cheap considering a Valentine's Day meal at a restaurant
  3. is healthy alternative to chocolates and sweets
  4. can be enjoyed by the whole family
  5. can become a tradition for years to come

Valentine Pancake Dinner   

If you have never had breakfast for dinner, you are missing out!  It is so super easy and it's a great way for me to guarantee my kids will eat all their dinner without threats.  If you do this all the time, we are just going to add some little twists to make it special.

Pancake Ingredients:
Pancake Mix
 1 Banana
1 tsp Cinnamon
pinch Nutmeg (optional)
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
Cooking Spray 
Heart Shaped Metal Cookie Cutter

  1. Make your pancakes according to your box instructions. I add a little more liquid to mine because I don't like thick pancakes.  I like them thinner.
  2. Smash one banana with a fork.  It doesn't have to be beautiful.  No one  in my house would eat this, My husband would eat this because there are children in other countries that don't have food.

  3.  Place banana in bowl of pancake mix.  
  4.  Add remaining spices (cinnamon and nutmeg) and vanilla.
5.  Whisk everything together. After whisking,  I pour my mix into a measuring cup when I do any pancakes so I can control it more coming out. 

6.  Pre-heat electric griddle to 350.  If you don't have one of these, put it on your Mother's Day gift list.  Can you say easy cook + easy clean up = can't live without?  If you are doing it over the stove, medium high heat.

7.  Spray griddle  and heart shaped cookie cutter with cooking spray.  Note:  If you family like crispy edged pancakes spray griddle every time before you pour more batter.

8.  Place cookie cutter on griddle and pour a small amount of batter.  Using back of spoon, spread batter quickly to the edges to form the shape.  Do NOT fill up the cookie cutter.  You just want to coat the bottom. 

9.  Once the bottom as set or small bubbles start appearing, you can remove the cookie cutter and make your next one if you are on a griddle.  Remember:  Spray the cookie cutter each time.

10.  Flip the pancake when about 70% of the surface has bubbled or you check the bottom and it's golden brown.

I have a six year old that loves over medium eggs so I made her a heart shaped egg too.  She's egg-stra special.  You could probably to scrambled eggs too.  I haven't tried it myself.

You can also cook your meats right on the griddle.  Are you beginning to see why you need this griddle?  Sometimes, I do half meat and half pancakes to speed up the process.  While eating this magnificent dinner, each person goes around the table and tells one reason why they lover one another. This is an awesome way to connect with everyone in the family and truly have a Valentine's Day to remember.

One more Super Solution.

Instead of just cooking enough pancakes just for tonight, cook the whole box.  The kitchen is already messed up.  The ones you don't eat can be frozen. You can pull them out as needed and microwave them.  I put two on a plate and microwave for 30-45 seconds.  This is a great way to have a hot breakfast, instead of cold cereal or pop tarts.  Best part is the kitchen only got messed up once.

I'd love to see and hear how your dinner went, please post a comment.  Follow us on Pinterest too for more ways to make your life fun.