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Super Easy and Cheap Valentine's Day

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Valentine's day is only three days away.   I know for some  that's an eternity because it's not February 13th at 8p.  I'm not calling them procrastinators, they just work better under pressure and extreme deadlines.

My deadline came four days before Valentine's day.  Why did basketball practice have to be on Monday and the game on Saturday?!  We can't give Valentine's cards the day after Valentine's day, that would be way too tacky. Right. Right.   This super easy and super cheap Valentine's card will "blow" the kids' mind, and parents too.  Parents will think you worked on them all weekend.  You can get 20 Valentine's cards for only $1.

My Inspiration.

 I saw this super cute Valentine template from Spark The Occasion.  Nicole is amazing because she actually provided a .pdf where you can modify the words.  So many free printables can't be changed in any way.  You can type in the TO child's name, the FROM child's name, and you can modify the text. There are four cards to a page.

My Valentine Variation

We did a slight variation of Nicole's card.  My girls are totally in love with gum right now.  Instead of using bubbles, we used a stick of gum.  You can blow bubbles with gum, so it works perfectly.  20 sticks of gum for $1 at Dollar Store blows my mind!   Thankfully I just replaced my ink cartridges so I didn't have to run to Office Max to get them printed.  Even if you have to get them printed, there are four one page and each one can be different just save it with a different file name.  We used two-sided tape to stick the gum on the cards. Of course, you can use regular tape too.

To make it a little more personal, I had my girls hand write their own name on the cards.  I did modify the text and made more related to basketball since it was for their basketball team.  I used the super-fast running and added dribbling, shooting, and teamwork.

Almost every parent commented to me how thoughtful and adorable the cards were. The kids were excited about getting gum.  Supermom status achieved!

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