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Cars Birthday Party!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Start your engines! Learn how to throw a Cars Birthday Party for your little racer. 


A race track for your centerpiece on the tables can be made with black and white fabric. Hot Wheels cars and Disney's Cars are great additions for each table as well.

Plastic orange cones make great centerpieces as well for the Cars theme!

Party Food:

Fill 3 clear bowls with nuts and various candy and label them Nuts And Bolts.

Chocolate covered pretzels are now dipsticks for your Cars food table!

Wrap plastic silverware in red napkins and label them "Tools."

Stoplight Jello!

How to make your own: 
1. Make lime jello as directed and pour into plastic cups, allow to cool and then transfer to the fridge to set.
2. Once set, make yello jello, allow to cool and then pour on top of the lime jello. Allow to set in the fridge.
3. Once set, repeat with strawberry jello.

You can use any type of drink and serve in jugs labeled Gas and Oil.

Oreas are now potholes for your Cars party!

Make your very own stoplight brownies by putting chocolate frosting on the top of brownies and use red, yellow and green M&M's for the lights.


Party Games:

A fun game for the kids is Build Your Own Lego Car! Fill baggies with different pieces of legos for each kid and have them build their own car. The most creative car, wins!

Cone Toss: Pool rings can be used to toss onto plastic orange cones.

Pin the headlight on Mater!

Party Favors:

Create your own car party favors for each guest. Use a pack of gum, Fruit Stripes is the kind pictured, as the body of the car. Use 4 rolos as the tires for the car and a rectangle piece of candy like Nestle's for the back of the car.

Trophy party favors are awesome for a Cars theme. Plastic trophies can be purchased from the dollar store and fill with baggies of candy. Tie together with a black and white checkered ribbon.

Put together some creative decorations, fun party food and entertaining Car games and like Lightning McQueen says, "Ka-Chow!" you've got an awesome Cars Party for your little racer!

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