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Camp Out!

Whether you're throwing an indoor or outdoor camping birthday party, we have all of the perfect ideas to make it a success!


Camping Party Food:

Amazing Camping Cake!

Jelly or sour worms can be placed in an open tackle box and labeled fish bait for your camping snack table.

Some more awesome party food ideas are pigs in a blanket and punch in a jar labeled Bug Juice!

 Silverware can be served in a mason jar with a bandana as the napkin to stick with the outdoors-ey theme.

Cheetos are an easy snack that can be transformed into Campfire Flames.

A really creative snack for the kids is a Make Your Own Trail Mix table. Glue rocks and pebbles onto your sign to make it even more rustic. Lay out various crackers and treats such as corn flakes, chex mix, M&M's, peanuts, goldfish crackers, teddy grahams and raisins and have the kids make their own!

Party Favors:

To get the kids in the mood to camp out under the stars hand out party favors they can use for the night! Water canteens with their names on them and glow sticks and wands are fun favors too. Hand them out in camo party bags to get them excited to camp!

Another fun party favor are their very own flashlights for outdoor camping. Attach a sign to a pine cone that says, "Light up the Night" for an extra touch.

Camping Games:

Camping Bingo! Use various outdoor words like hiking boots, making s'mores, campfire and compass to name a few. 

Scavenger Hunt:

Create your own scavenger hunt of outdoor objects and nature you know are in your backyard or wherever you're throwing your camp out party. Winner could get a cool sleeping bag or bandana to wear!

Indoor Camping:

For winter birthdays indoor camping is probably easiest. You can still create the outdoor feel though with sleeping bags, tents, or even DIY teepees. 

Indoor signs point out the areas of the house where camp activities are happening!

Outdoor Camping:

Camp outdoors in the warm months with tents and play outdoor games. This outdoor party table was created using sticks and orange and red tissue paper for the campfire. Place marshmallows on sticks for each camper. Place a flashlight on each plate for every child so they can explore at night. 

Giggle Bean specializes in children's birthday parties, events and showers of all kinds in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia.

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