Off to Never Land

Enchanted by fairy wings and pixie dust, I’m sure many of you wish to have experience this kind of innocent magic at least once in your childhood.  There is a good chance that your child craves that same magical sparkle that only a Tinkerbell themed party can fulfilled. Here are some essentials that can ensure you that this birthday party will never be forgotten.

Playing dressed up is always fun, but when you are dressed up as a fairy, it’s even better. You are surrounded by a dream of a lifetime, filled with delicate flowers and a few twigs.

Such a fun game to play hide and seek in the forest with some chirping friends. Swirling around the tree, gives us a chance to be free and your guest to experience Pixie Hollow Never Land.

There are several images of Tinkerbell guiding our guests to her secret table as everyone gathered around to celebrate a very special birthday.

Take a seat in these lovely Tinkerbell Mushroom seats. It is very easy to recreate this idea as you collect and paint the flower pot liners red.  Grab any circle template and white paint in order to use it to create a perfect circle for your mushroom seats.

A perfect cake for such a charming magical fairy. She is totally ready to blow out her candles and wish for something very magical.

Filled with surrounding decorative flowers and some frosting, it makes the cake very simple but also delicious.

Want to throw your child a Tinkerbell party? Contact Giggle Bean today. Giggle Bean specializes in children's birthday parties, events and showers of all kinds in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia.


  1. How adorable! What an amazing party!

  2. Way cute. I like the table settings. I think the kids look very cute too in their costumes. You implemented the theme well and I know that I would copy a few elements of this if I were doing a Neverland theme ;-)
    Thanks for sharing.