I  grew up in a rather large family that always celebrated--birthdays, anniversaries, a tooth falling out, or shooting your first deer.  If you could name it, we could create a party around it.  It wasn't always an extravagant ordeal, sometimes it was just cake and ice cream.  Those celebrations are the fondest memories I have about growing up.  It was a true expression of love for our family.  Now that I've grown up and moved away, my family misses out on the little impromptu celebrations.  Of course, we celebrate with friends where we live but there is just something about family.  As an alternative, we all go camping together and it's one big PAR-TAY!!

Growing up, my hubby never experienced birthday celebrations.   I was in shock, I thought it was only natural to celebrate in the manner we did.   When his birthday came when we were courting, I did a surprise birthday party for him at an indoor rock wall.  That was the new it thing, like 30 years ago!  I invited all his friends and had a custom tiered cake made in the form of a rock wall.  The baker even made people out of sugar climbing up the wall.  I made him get dressed up like we were going to an upscale restaurant.  Then I blind folded him.  When we got there, he was in total shock!! It brought me such immense joy to see him smile and enjoy a time to celebrate him.  I want to show pictures but this was before camera phones and pictures on cd-roms...no really, it was ages ago.

Then comes the baby in the baby carriage....It was absolutely understood, no discussion necessary, that any child of mine would be celebrated in grandiose style on birthdays.  Now God in his sense of humor gives me Christmas Eve baby.  I guess he knew the one gift for birthday and Christmas slight wouldn't be the case with this little princess.

It is my heart's desire that people will celebrate those they love with intention and thoughtfulness. It’s more than just a party to us; we’re building families one fun-filled celebration after another.