Flintstone "Pebbles" Party

Who doesn't love the Flintstones? I am sure many of us have seen The Flintstones at least once in our lives and fell in love with their lifestyle in the Stone Age. Their memorable cars and elephant vacuum cleaners have simply marked our childhood. Here are some essentials tips to how to create a Pebbles Party your own way.


Send out the invites with these lovely customize Pebbles theme invitation by Mimi's Dollhouse. Go to Mimi's Dollhouse to select this Pebbles invitation, add your photo, and provide all the party information. Once you are finished, order the invites, and wait for them to arrive. Make sure you do this ahead of time. 


A few Pebbles and Dino figures adds a special touch to this particular Flintstones themed birthday cake! Tape a few balloons to the background to make this party look effortless, but very chic.


Who doesn't love cake pops? They are always ready to go and easy to grab for any party guest.

Fruit Pebbles Krispy treats is very appropriate for this Pebble themed party. Fruit pebbles can be found in any grocery or department store.Cook several marshmallow with some water and stir until the marshmallow is melted. Fill the pan with fruit pebbles and apply the hot dissolve marshmallow on top of it.  Place the pan in the oven and bake them for 20 mins under 350 degree. Once they are done, let your treats cool down and cut them in a square. Enjoy!

How unique are these Fruits Pebbles themed donuts? For the full recipe of these amazing donuts, go to We Are Not Martha to see how to make them at your own home.


Popcorn bag favors are truly the best. They are very tasty and yummy to chew, especially this pink colored popcorn with white sprinkles. Make your typical favorite popcorn and add water to empty bowl with a pint of food coloring. Once your popcorn is ready, lightly pour a little coloring to your popcorn and add some white sprinkles. Once they are finished drying, pour them in some clear party favor bags and seal it with a pink ribbon to finish your look. I hope your party guest enjoys them. If you can kindly give us some feedback, we'll love to hear how they turn out.

The Flintstones loved to bowl. So I think bowling will be perfect game for your Pebbles themed party guest to play together. Collect several empty soda bottles, add water, and add some individual food coloring. Find a long sheet to create a alley. Grab a ball, form a line, and start playing.

Want to throw a Pebble themed birthday party? Contact Giggle Bean today. Giggle Bean specializes in children's birthday parties, events and showers of all kinds in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia.

Invitation: Mimi's Dollhouse
Pebbles Treat: The Cottage Mama
Pebbles Donuts: We Are Not Martha
Game: The Mombot

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