Minnie Mouse Birthday Party: A Bow-ti-ful Affair

Our Minnie Mouse Bowtique birthday party was so fun to do this year.  I knew right from the beginning I was going to do pink and black for the colors.  I'm having a thing right now with polka dots, so that was incorporated in the decor. 

 Table decor was first on my agenda.  Ears with bows was the main focus of this Minnie Mouse birthday party.  I ended up with two different versions, both handmade.  First, my little assistants & I painted Styrofoam balls black and attached the small ones with toothpicks. Then I hand tied the bow and hot glued it over the ear.  I took hot pink and light pink tulle an stitched a hem.  Then I took a piece of elastic about 7 inches and thread it through.  I stitched the two ends of the elastic together to make a skirt to go around the mini flower pots. When I put it on the flower pot, it didn't look right so tried it without the pot...Viola!  The Minnie head fit on top perfect.  I used a little hot glue to attach the head to the tulle.  We can't have Minnie heads rolling as the little ones bumped and banged the table.

From that project, I had mini flower pots and mini styrofoam balls left.  Hmmmmm.....looks like another set of mini ears to me!   I painted the pots hot pink and the rest of the balls black.  I did have to go buy that polka dot ribbon but it was worth it.  Don't you think?

These went on the kid's table  on both sides of the birthday girl's picture.  I used the table my dear hubby made for me for my Tinkerbell  Pixie Hollow party.  I bought some hot pink material from Joann's and I had a black table runner.  I did make the Minnie Mouse ears for the guest to wear.  I used headbands from the dollar tree, and black felt.  In order to keep the ears from flopping over use foam circles in between the felt.

The food table was fun to do too.  I used 300 mini balloons.   Yes 300 blown up by mouth!  Thank God for friends that helped!!  I attached them to a plastic balloon arch that I had.  For the ears I attached balloons to a strings, then rolled it to make the circles.  The bow is two heart balloon from dollar tree hot glued together.  One of the signature things I like to do at all my parties is to have themed food.  Our menu was:  Hot Diggity Dogs, Figaro's fish snacks, Bow-tique Pasta, and rice krispie treats cut in Minnie ears.

The cake was done by Gourmet Bake Shoppe.  I also did cupcakes with oreo Minnie Mouse ears on top.  Yes, I do get in costume on some occasions.

We thanked guests for making this day bow-ti-ful with these cute favor bags. 

We'd love to see what bow-tastic things you did for your Minnie Mouse birthday party.  Link it with us below.

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