Show off Your Super Hero Party Planning!

With the new Iron Man movie recently releasing you may find that your child has a sudden interest in superheros in general. Put all this super enthusiasm to use by making it a Super Hero birthday party theme. I prefer the old fashioned superhero style party personally but you could easily adjust these ideas to make them fit a more modern Marvel them as well.

A corn hole style game is always popular among the little ones and this just goes to show that you can make any favorite game more superhero friendly if you simply present it in a different way than you normally would.

(photo courtesy of Chicken Babies)
This cake is awesome! Use sugar wafers and just cut them at varying angles to create the illusion of skyscrapers around the edge of the cake. Then, attach a photo of your child to their favorite action figure and place them above the city they are destined to protect.

(photo courtesy of Columbia Home Magazine)

(photo courtesy of Catch My Party)
Nerf guns make the perfect villain vaporizers. The kids will have a blast trying to take down the most villains in the shortest time.

(photo courtesy of Double the Fun)
These Kryptonite Krispies may be Superman's weakness but your kids are guaranteed to love them. Some green food coloring added to Rice Krispie treat mix make very convincing kryptonite bricks.

(photo courtesy of Catch My Party)
If you aren't so intimidated by the sewing machine, like I am, you can create these incredible seat covers that will get everyone in the mood to save a town full of people from an evil bad guy.

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